Quality and saftey

SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. code of conduct

We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity, in strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate, while striving for the respect and esteem of our customers and the community.

From the founding date of our first companies who today are parof SDV  energía e infraestructura, S.L. we worked to create a reputation to promote and maintain high standards of conduct in all our business dealings. That reputation, which has been acquired throughout the years, can be put at risk with every negotiation and every transaction we are involved in. The attitude and actions of a single employee, and/or the ethical performance of the company as a collective unit can affect or impact our business relationships with our customers. The pursuit of excellence indicated in the management principles of the company and established within the policy and objectives of integrated management of SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. begins with an absolute commitment from all of us to maintain an ethical conduct.

The company requires that each employee has is absolutely committed to the core values of integrity and ethics, since this is the only manner in which we, and the entire organization, conduct our business. This commitment is a basic requirement which is necessary to remain as an employee of SDV energía e  infraestructura, S.L. and become, and become the basis of a mutually beneficial working relationship.

All our managers must communicate this code of conduct and ensure that their subordinates knows it and understand it.

To confirm their understanding of this policy and accept responsibility for conducting themselves with integrity and ethics in our business, every officer of SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. in both the headquarters and all the units, branches and subsidiaries, must receive and sign a copy of the document establishing our Code of Conduct, which is excluded, to be included in his or her personnel file as evidence that they have been informed and have accepted this irrevocable commitment to legality and transparency.

The principles of acting with integrity and business ethics are also extended to each subcontractor and supplier that SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. uses, who is required to follow our code of conduct.