HistoriaSDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. is an international company , born in Latin America headquartered in Madrid, Spain, dedicated to the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance in sectors related to energy and infrastructure in Latin American countries. Through its subsidiaries, or on a standalone basis,  SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L.has executed works in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua,Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil,Chile Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, St. Thomas and Venezuela;counting also with an office in Argentina relations oriented to meet with local companies working in other countries. Currently, SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. is setting up its operations in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua and has recently established branches or joint ventures in Argentina, Peru and Chile. 

While the existence of SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. can be attributed to the long-term vision of certain individuals, it is important to note that SDV  energía e infraestructura, S.L. has a prior history since it counts with SADE Brazil among its original shareholders. Its then president, along with other entrepreneurs, founded the first company to be called SADE in Argentina in 1948, a corporation which would later spread throughout South America, southern Europe, parts of Africa and the Middle East.

The present management of SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. began its activities in Venezuela in 1977 as engineers and supervisors of the company known as SADE Venezuela, which was part of the SADE group mentioned above. As employees of SADE Venezuela, they participated in the execution of the most important power generation and electrical transmission projects in Venezuela, as well as executing significant projects in neighboring countries (Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras).

In 1989, following the merger and sale of several entities in the SADE group, SDV's present management recognized the potential to continue this business and fill the void being created by these corporate reorganizations and decided to establish to SADEVEN (actually SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. ) From the beginning,  SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. strives for technological diversification and focuses its activities towards areas of the industry with different characteristics: EPC works on electric or communications infrastructure and construction of facilities in the energy sector such as industrial plants, oil and gas installations in their civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation specialties.

In the same year, in order to complement the construction activities, the HELESA steel processing plant is acquired. Operating since 1978 in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, HELESA manufactures galvanized steel structures for the construction of high voltage transmission towers, among other specialties. These galvanized structures have then been exported to many latin american and caribbean countries. Currently the same activity is developed in Chile.

By 1992, SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. has returned to its regional roots and has begun its geographical diversification as part of its development strategy. SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. starts to extend its activities throughout the entire latin american region, a task that is currently ongoing, having already established more than 12 new companies or branches throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region to date. In 2005, to enhance the financial and commercial coordination of the various affiliates, offices were established in Madrid, Spain, from where the corporate division of the group operates today  ,and from 2012, the corporation takes the name SDV energía e infraestructura to emphasize its regional and its main areas of activity.

The corporation has received in 1997 and 2008, awards recognizing its activity as an exporter of construction projects throughout Latin America. SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. has also obtained ISO 9000 and 14000 certifications for quality assurance and environmental compliance and OHSAS 18000 for safety in various countries. Its major projects to date include: transmission lines of up to 500 Kv and electrical substations reaching 800 Kv, installation of thousands of kilometers of optic fiber cable, power generation plans, major works in oil refineries and petrochemical complexes, upstream installations in oil and gas, mining installations, steel manufacturing plants, water and waste treatment plants, and a large variety of other industrial or infrastructure installations.

SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. has consistently executed over five million man hours of  assembly per year, with annual consolidated sales of up to US$ 200 million and has significant human and physical resources, such that it should be considered a valid alternative to assist in the execution of projects that include any type of industrial construction.


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