President's message


SDV energy and infrastucture, S.L. is a company founded in Spain in 2005 to consolidate the international activity SDV energía e infraestuctura, S.L. group has developed since the creation of SADEVEN 1989 in Latin America.

These first twenty two years of the SDV energía e infraestuctura, S.L. group makes us feel proud of our organization that with its vision of global growth, has executed major projects in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and El Salvador. Today we are laying the groundwork for pursuing business opportunities in Argentina, Peru and Chile and at the same time developing our new operations in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

 The first quarter century of life our group is based on two fundamental factors. The first is our corporate culture to increasingly better serve our customers and the societies in which we operate. Such culture has taught us how to confront the difficulties we may face, by applying our business skills in the search for solutions and opportunities while not straying from our core values. The second strength is the staff of  SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. which is characterized by its dedication to service, professional excellence, commitment and loyalty not only to our group, but also to the society applying our most important corporate values of ETHICS, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPONSABILITY.

We look at the future with optimism, what we have achieved as a Group is just a reference to be surpassed in the following years. We are confident that we will transform challenges into opportunities, strengthen our confidence and continued commitment to the customers, shareholders and communities we serve, as well as to the people who make up our companies, with the ultimate aim of ensuring the sustainability and growth of our organization.

Valentin Bagarella
President SDV energía e infraestructura,  S.L.