Quality and safety

Environmental policy ISO 14001

The Senior Management of SDV energía e infraetructura, S.L. sets the policies that govern our Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with ISO 14001 standards for the engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services our Company provides. >This policy provides the following basic guidelines:

- Monitor and control the environmental impact of our activities and the products and services we supply, implementing environmental protection and pollution prevention measures in all our projects.

- Strict compliance with laws, regulations, local and international standards related with the environmental monitoring and protection which applies to our industry.

- Seek and maintain the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties by complying with the environmental protection measures specified and agreed in every project, in addition to those regulations issued by the applicable governmental agencies.

- Develop and execute training plans and encourage staff awareness of our obligations and responsibilities pertaining to the environment protection, and make them participants in complying with and monitoring the system to ensure that our policies are effectively carried out.

- Using promote continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System (EMS), processes and performance related to the protection of the environment, using audits results, statistics, data analysis, corrective and preventive actions and other sources of improvement.