Quality and safety

Policy on  occupational health and  safety OHSAS 18001

The Senior Management of SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. sets the policy that governs our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system developed using the OHSAS 18000 standards, which are used in the products and services SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. provides in the areas of Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) and Maintenance. This policy is based on the following basic guidelines:

- Identify the risks and hazards present in our activities and areas of work; warn our employees and provide them with the training and preventive measures to avoid accidents, incidents, injuries and diseases arising from these risks.

- Protect the health and welfare of our employees by providing a safe environment and working conditions, in accordance with applicable law.

- Regarding the projects we execute, we develop, implement and maintain a management system based on strict compliance with applicable laws,  local regulations and international standards relating to safety and health at work. 

- Maintain our client’s satisfaction, along with the other interested parties, ensuring our compliance with the occupational healt and safety requirements of the projects we are awarded.

- Develop and execute training plans and encourage staff awareness of our obligations and responsibilities pertaining to safety and occupational health, and make them participants in complying with and monitoring the activities to ensure that the occupational health and safety system policies are effectively carried out.

- Promote continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety management system, processes and performance using audits results, statistics, data analysis, corrective, preventive and preventive actions.