Power transmission systems

Sistemas de Trasnmision

Sistemas de Transmisión

  • Power lines systems
  • Electrical substations
  • Fiber-optics communication systems


SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. has built power transmission lines or substations in twelve Latin American countries, with a range of voltages up to 800 Kv. We have obtained the quality assurance, environmental and safety certifications, which attest that our processes comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001. These certified processes are used in our engineering, procurement, maintenance and construction activities as well as in standalone civil works and electromechanical projects awarded to us.

SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. undertakings in the construction of power transmission systems includes from the computer design to the delivery of turnkey projects, following a well-defined schedule. Our specific expertise covers the design and manufacture of structures, purchase of materials and equipment, civil works and the selection, testing, installation and commissioning of the facility. The works are always executed by applying stringent standards with respect to efficiency and quality to all stages of the project. Our experience is particularly notable in transmission lines and high voltage substations where we have participated, in recent years, in more than 70 projects in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador,El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. For this, the group has 15 teams for stringing conductors of lines and large machinery park for the rest of the activities

Our largest contract IPC power lines and substations is being built in Venezuela for CORPOELEC, with an approximate value of USD 285 million, to supply power to 400 kv Bolivar State with a 400 kv substation four GIS substations and power lines associated. Additionally, SDV energía e infraestructura, S.L. has installed thousands of miles of OPGW type cable in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Trinidad, in many cases replacing earth wire cables for OPGW cable on lines under operation (live or hot wire).